A new approach to Primary Care

Direct Primary Care: YOUR medical care. SIMPLIFIED. No insurance. No copays. No hassles. Just you and your physician deciding what is best for your health. At Optimal Health DPC, we believe in the doctor- patient relationship and changing the current healthcare environment.

Meet Dr. Arolli, DO

Dr. Tatiana Arolli is a Board-certified Osteopathic Internal Medicine physician. She competed an Internal Medicine residency at Saint Michael's Medical Center in Newark, NJ, and has been working as a Hospitalist in Lehigh Valley since the completion of her residency.

"I have been taking care of very sick patients in the last few years and realized a lot of their health decline could have been prevented. The lifestyle choices we make have a huge impact on our future. At Optimal Health, I will have time to get to know you well and help you live a healthier life by reinforcing or creating good habits. We may even be able to stop some of the medications you are taking now."

— Dr. Arolli

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Same day or next-business day sick visits

No need for wait days to see your physician and no need to go to urgent care or ER when you are sick. It's all included.


Contact us via e-mail, phone, text, or video chat.

Big savings on medications, blood work, and imaging.

We've negotiated wholesale rates on medication and lab tests, and we pass all those savings straight to you.

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